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6.3. Joy

There are 5 ways to experience joy (in no particular order):

  1. Singing: Here are classic happy songs. Do you have your own go-to list of what motivates you? Have you ever explored karaoke songs online?
  2. Dancing: Things you can do at home.
  3. Playing & playfulness: I’m developing this topic later on in this lesson.
  4. Laughter: This is the primary focus on this lesson.
  5. Everything else: What brings you joy? Make a list and work on it.

Laughing in public transportation. Avoid making eye contact with anybody around you to make it easier if you feel embarrassed, and find a socially acceptable way to do it such as putting a headset on your head, or a cellphone to your ear. Next,
start with a smile. Once comfortable, upgrade to a giggle or more. Watch this:

A clever way to get others to laugh with you in public transportation is to get them to play with you. Here is how:  Start blowing soap bubbles, and every time you make eye contact with someone, give them a bottle and invite them to do the same.
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